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Displace Yourself

Living at the time of the utmost urgency to help reverse climate change the goal of the Displace Yourself project is prevention of the looming catastrophic changes for the Earth by 2030. I invite you to support my art and ecology project - Displace Yourself. This project evolved in a continuum of my site specific work that started after I arrived to the States from the Former Yugoslavia in 1991. Living nomadic life I have produced numerous temporary public artworks.

This summer I became a certified ecologist at the Omega Institute for holistic studies attending the Ecological Literacy Immersive Program (ELIP). From Oct 19th, the Omega Institute is hosting the Drawdown Learn, 3  day series of workshops on practise of 100 most substantive solutions to reversing global warming. Among the workshops I will attend is Learning the Ways of Indigenous Stewardship, to deepen my relationship with the local indigenous nations and culture.

Fast forward to 2017: A group of 200 scientists and researchers released a plan to reduce (or draw down) atmospheric concentrations of carbon. Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming became a New York Times bestseller and sparked a growing, worldwide movement."

Implementation of the Displace Yourself  goals include:

* collaboration with the local indigenous nations of NE region, starting from sharing experiences of displacement, adaptation and traditional practices.

* learning, teaching and implementing regenerative ecological practices.  

* helping make places for holistic, regenerative, polyculture practice, and social permaculture communities, in a way of nurturing personal and earth healing experiences.

* form a network of traveling interventional ecologists and artists starting from ELIP alumna experts.

* nurturing knowledge and implementation of ELIP and continuing the work at the Omega Institute and the Center for Sustainable Living in 2019 season.

* implementing the reversing solutions to the climate change hand in hand with site specific art.

Implementation of Displace Yourself , though continuous in nature, will result with a new body of work as a response to the collaboration with indigenous nations' stewardship practices. I hope for your support in launching the implementation of Displace Yourself . The goal is to fundraise $ 5000.00 by November 1st , to help sustain the first two months of working and living expenses. Benefactors with donations over $ 150.00 will receive a piece from the installation Honeycombed ( the next page), please provide your address. Please feel free to get in touch with questions, comments or just to say Hi, I would be happy to hear from you.

With gratitude,

Draga Šušanj

ALL TOGETHER, Red Iron Oxide Drawing, Different Height Grass